Spinach and Artichoke Dip

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A few days ago I was really craving a nice warm gooey dip. So I made a spinach and artichoke dip. It was terrible.

I combined thawed, drained frozen spinach, chopped artichoke hearts, cream cheese, shredded cheddar, a bit of sour cream and Miracle Whip.

Turns out I hate dips with Miracle Whip.

I’m stupid because I knew this. But I put the damn Miracle Whip in anyways.

Either way, I put this all in a dish and baked it for about 20 minutes at 375.

Turned out barely edible.

I tried to improve it by mixing in some hot sauce, lime juice, and Greek seasoning. It helped, but not much. We threw most if it out.

It’s my husband’s birthday on Sunday so I’m making a chocolate cheesecake. Hopefully that will be way better!

Happy Cookong!


Potato Salad and Coleslaw

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It’s such a beautiful day out, and we are still in the midst of our renovation, so I decided that dinner tonight should be quick, easy, and require very little cooking. So we’re having hot dogs (veggie dogs), potato salad, and coleslaw.

I’ve been making my own coleslaw and potato salad for a few years now, but it changes every time. Well, for the coleslaw, I buy the pre-cut salad mix of veggies from the grocery store, and I make the dressing. I don’t think I could buy the vegetable and cut them up myself for what I pay for the bag!

PC Coleslaw

I have a love of all President’s Choice products. I look forward to their Insider’s Report coming out every few months, and I got it in the paper this week! So obviously, I HAD to go into the store and buy some of the new stuff.  I got their new coleslaw mix ($1.49, sweet!), their new peanut butter chocolate ice cream, and their Gigantico Hot Dog Buns.

The coleslaw had a recipe on the back of it, so I thought I would give it a try!

Recipe from bag

Easy to make, and I had all of the ingredients on hand. Actually, that’s a lie. I didn’t have Safflower oil, so I just used my standard extra virgin olive oil. I’m thinking about putting some sunflower seeds in for a little crunch before dinner.

It was quick and easy, and hopefully tasty. I’ll find out after dinner, as it is currently chilling the fridge.


I’ve always loved my mom’s potato salad because she puts pickles in it! But it’s a little plain. Just potatoes, pickles, mayo, and white onions. I would LOVE to put pickles in mine, but my husband thinks that they are the root of all evil, so I don’t usually put them in sharing food. They will absolutely be on my veggie dog tonight! But sadly, not in the potato salad.

To make up for that lack of pickles, I jazz up the dressing. I always put mustard in. Usually Dijon. And I like to put in some celery seeds, and sometimes something to spice it up. Today I used the following recipe:

  • About 3 heaping tablespoons light Miracle Whip
  • About 2 heaping teaspoons hot Dijon mustard
  • About ½ teaspoon celery seeds
  • About ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper

I just mix it together and add the boiled potatoes.

Potato Salad

I’m quite looking forward to dinner tonight!

Happy Cooking!

Carrot Cheese Muffins

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About two years ago, my husband suddenly lost a lot of weight. Roughly 50-70 pounds in about 3ish months. Everybody’s dream, right? Wrong. He was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. (Damn you Swedish Berries!)  Fortunately, it was caught really early, and it’s not too bad. He can control it with diet and exercise and he only needs to test his blood once a day, most days. If it’s really high or really low, he’ll check it more than that, but it’s not too bad. When he was diagnosed, I didn’t know what we were going to do about food. Between my vegetarianism, his diabetes, and his pickiness towards vegetables, I thought we were going to starve! So I bought a few diabetic cookbooks. Some recipes are pretty good, some not so much.

Company's Coming diabetic dinners

One book that I have is Company’s Coming diabetic dinners. I made this Carrot Cheese Muffin recipe probably over a year ago, and I recalled it being pretty good. As you may know, I have an interesting relationship with breakfast. I didn’t feel like waffles or pancakes, so this morning, I decided I would make these muffins for breakfast.



Shredded Carrots

The recipe calls for a cup of shredded carrots. I usually only buy baby carrots, and that’s what I had in the house today. If I recall
correctly, last time I made it, I had baby carrots and tried to shred them with my food processor, with less than ideal results. So I decided I would grate the carrots by hand today. I’ve now decided that I am never making these muffins again, unless I have big carrots! It took me FOREVER to shred a cup of carrots, and I got numerous hand cramps. So no more shredded baby carrots.

And I didn’t have any ginger, so I didn’t add any ginger.

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But overall, these were very good muffins, and I would make them again. Assuming that I have big carrots!

All Done

And it only took about 30 minutes to make, after shredding those damn carrots!

On The Plate

Happy Cooking!

New Recipes Today!

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I’ve tried several new recipes today. Sort of. I made some muffins and two salads. Actually, I’ve made the muffins before, but not in a year or so, so that’s almost like a new recipe. I’ll make two different posts – one for the muffins and one for the salads.

Happy Cooking!

Oatmeal Pancakes

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I’m bored of breakfast. I don’t eat the traditional bacon and eggs breakfast as so many people are used to. Bacon is kind of not suitable for vegetarians. And while eggs don’t go against my beliefs, they do go against my gag reflex and stomach. They are alright IN something, but I can’t eat them on their own. I’ve even gone against eating some cakes and muffins because they taste too eggy! So breakfast is a touchy subject on the weekends. During the week, toast and cereal and whatnot are fine, but I like to make something more substantial for breakfast on the weekend. Especially days like today, which are taken up by doing the bathroom and reinstalling as much as we can!

So usually it’s just waffles or pancakes or French toast. If anyone has suggestions, I’d be happy to hear them!


So today I went through my 1001 Muffin Recipes book. (Yes, I took it with me, Mom!) It has muffins, scones, pancakes, waffles, popovers, quick breads, etc. So I decided to go with the oatmeal pancake recipe from this book.


I followed the recipe pretty much exactly, except I didn’t separate the egg whites from the yolk. I think it tastes too eggy when the whites are whipped up.


This recipe turned out really weird. The picture in the book shows a nice solid pancake, but mine were strange. The batter was really runny. Not at all like regular pancake batter.


My pancakes ended up basically having a pile of oatmeal in the centre and the edges were almost like regular pancakes.

But even though it was odd, I continued and made the rest.

On the pan

They tasted ok when they were drowned in syrup. But I wouldn’t waste my time with this one again!

Final Product

Happy cooking!

Mexican Cornbread

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When I was looking at recipes for my Cinco de Mayo fiesta, I came across this recipe for cornbread:


I’ve fallen in love with cornbread over the past few months, and I’m always looking to make things even better. So I thought I would try this recipe on Thursday!


It’s a spicier version of traditional cornbread and it has jalepenos in it. Yum!

Sliced Jalepenos

Chopped Jalepenos

I couldn’t find the can of green chiles at the grocery store I went to. Only cans of jalepenos. And since I was using fresh jalepenos, I didn’t want to put any others in. So I just used my two fresh jalepenos and ignored the chiles.

Cooking Onions

Cooked Onions

I quite enjoyed it. It really was a lot of work and quite time consuming though. I started making it at about 6, and it wasn’t done until about 7:45! Based on that alone, I don’t know if I would make this again.


Happy cooking!

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookies

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I actually made these cookies last week on Friday but I’ve been too busy to update. My husband was still hungry after dinner so I offered to make a cake. He looked at me like I had a third eye, so I downgraded to offer to cookies. He said that he would like double chocolate cookies. I was out of chocolate chips but I did have peanut butter chips. I found the following recipe online and thought I’d give it a shot!


I quite liked them!

I didn’t have enough peanut butter chips to sub for the chocolate chips, so I used about 1 cup of them and 1 cup of walnuts.

Mixing the dough

Also, I ran out of white flour so I used 1/2 cup of whole wheat instead.

They were soft and cakey and I really liked them! My husband did too!

Ready for the oven

Then my mom came over the next day and had one. She asked if they were diet cookies. Apparently they’re not for everybody, but I would make them again!

Ready to eat

Happy cooking!

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