When I was looking at recipes for my Cinco de Mayo fiesta, I came across this recipe for cornbread:

I’ve fallen in love with cornbread over the past few months, and I’m always looking to make things even better. So I thought I would try this recipe on Thursday!


It’s a spicier version of traditional cornbread and it has jalepenos in it. Yum!

Sliced Jalepenos

Chopped Jalepenos

I couldn’t find the can of green chiles at the grocery store I went to. Only cans of jalepenos. And since I was using fresh jalepenos, I didn’t want to put any others in. So I just used my two fresh jalepenos and ignored the chiles.

Cooking Onions

Cooked Onions

I quite enjoyed it. It really was a lot of work and quite time consuming though. I started making it at about 6, and it wasn’t done until about 7:45! Based on that alone, I don’t know if I would make this again.


Happy cooking!

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