I know, I’m a terrible blogger! I haven’t written anything in weeks! Well, I was in the Dominican Republic for a week, and I wasn’t going to make anything there, and I kind of had a slow start after that!

But I’m back in the kitchen now. And on Saturday I made two nacho dips. My sister and mum were throwing a surprise 40th birthday party for our cousin and they asked me to being a nacho dip. Our family always has the same one at all functions, so I knew I had to make that one, but I wanted to try something new. So I made two!

Both Dips

I made the regular one that we always have, and I made a 7 layer one. Both were good and went over really well!

The one I’ve been making for years is very simple, with easy ingredients:
-1 tub of sour cream
-1 package of cream cheese
-1 package of taco seasoning

I made it better this time than it normally turns out, and I credit that to using a tub of cream cheese instead of a brick. I’ve always had this delusion that brick cream cheese is cheaper, so I’ve always used that. But it’s not. I really do know that, but sometimes it’s hard to convince myself. So I ” splurged” and got the tub this time.

I love my stand mixer, because I can prep other ingredients (grate cheese) while the dip is mixing. To make this dip really smooth, I always mix the cream cheese by itself for a little while first, until it is soft. Then I add the sour cream to the mixture in about three additions. I find that if I don’t let the cream cheese mix by itself, or I add the sour cream all at once, I get an odd consistency. It’s almost as if there are little tiny balls of cream cheese in the mixture. Not nice. Then after these two have mixed well, I add the taco powder. Let that mix, and then I’ve got a beautiful start to the dip! If I’m having a lazy day, I might just put this dip in a bowl, and have at it! But I usually spread it nicely into a pie plate or glass casserole dish and top it with salsa, maybe shredded lettuce and grated cheese.


Simple Dip

But this time, I also made a 7 Layer dip. Essentially, you just need to layer the ingredients in a glass dish or on a serving platter in the order they’re listed:
-refried beans mixed with taco powder
-cream cheese combined with sour cream (first two steps from the other dip)
-guacamole (I used store bought, but homemade is even better)
-chopped tomato
-1/2 of a chopped green pepper
-2 chopped green onions
-grated cheddar

Huh. I just realized that is eight layers! Dammit! I wasn’t going to put the guacamole in because it wasn’t as green as when I first bought it (that’s what happens when it’s in the fridge for a day!), but I thought that I would only have 6 layers. Holy crap, I’m dumb sometimes!

Either way, I thought it was very good! A lot of people agreed!

7 Layer Dip

So I would make this recipe again for a party. Not for home though, as the guacamole, salsa, tomatoes, and green peppers are just some things my husband won’t eat, and I don’t need the entire thing to myself!

Sadly, I forgot my camera at my parents house, so no pictures today, but I will add them when I get it back.

Happy Cooking!