I haven’t been able to come online much lately, as I have been very busy, but I have had to cook! So this is a recipe that I tried about a week and a half ago, but only got around to writing about tonight.



I was looking through my cookbooks again when I saw a recipe that looked pretty good in Screen Doors and Sweet Tea by Martha Hall Foose. It was for Black Eyed Pea Cakes.  My dad is from Newfoundland and a dish that my mom has made from there as long as I can remember is meat cakes. Although my mom is from Ireland, so it might be an Irish dish. I never actually asked. It is basically corned beef and boiled potatoes mixed
together then formed into patties. They are then dredged in flour and fried on a frying pan. This is the only meat that I have missed in the 13 years since becoming a vegetarian. I know that it probably doesn’t sound too appetizing, even for people who eat meat, but I always loved them. Anyways, I was hoping that these pea cakes would give me that crunchy outer layer that I have been missing all these years. So I gave it a shot!