Whenever I go to the grocery store and they have a free store magazine, I always pick it up! About 2 weeks ago, I picked up the Inspired magazine from Sobey’s. Most recipes in magazines like this are based upon the store’s premade convenience products, have meat in them, or both. However, in the magazine I found one that interested me: Pumpkin Soup with Apple-Walnut Topping. The only substitution I had to make was to use vegetable broth instead of chicken broth, and I wasn’t as brand specific as I’m sure Sobey’s would have liked me to be.


I wasn’t sure how much pumpkin I would need or what type. I knew I needed 6 cups of pumpkin, but how many pumpkins equals 6 cups? That’s a tough one, as this was the first time I’d ever worked with fresh pumpkin. The grocery store I went to only had “Regular Pumpkins”. That’s what the sign said. Regular Pumpkins. So I got the smallest one of those I could find, but it was probably still about 10-12 inches tall before the stem. Turns out I needed just under half of one of those.


I really liked the topping. And the soup was acceptable. I think it would have benefited from a different type of pumpkin. Maybe I’ll go to Sobey’s next time. As the pumpkin is featured in this month’s magazine, maybe they have a better selection of pumpkins. I had gone to Sobey’s broke little brother store instead – Freshco.


Happy Cooking!