A few weeks ago I got the new Chatelaine magazine in the mail. I typically look at the recipes pretty quickly in most magazines and this was no exception. They had a whole section of risottos! I’ve tried to make risotto twice before, and both were pretty bad, so I was a little apprehensive before I tried again, but I figured one of them might be good.


So I settled on the Caprese  risotto. My husband is somewhat picky, and I thought the name would help as he is in the process of restoring an old Chevy Caprice. I know – different things, but that’s ok.


Cooking Risotto


Cooking Risotto

It was a long, times consuming process, but it was definitely successful! I loved this risotto and I wouldn’t hesitate to make it again. At least I wouldn’t have had I not seen the nutritional information.  Oops!

Final Product



Happy Cooking!